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Friday, October 2, 2009

6 Weeks Pregnant

I opted to not do a profile picture of me this week, trust me I don't look any different! Instead here is a picture of the baby's first gift. My dad brought this to the hospital when I was born, as far back as I can remember there is this bear! My first toy! From my favorite Daddy! The bear had a music box in it, in the 25 years since I was born the child me ripped open the teddy bear and removed the music box (I think it was broken.) But for years there was just this torn apart piece of my childhood laying around. Recently my mother found a store on Ebay that sells wind up music boxes in many different songs! We got "A Whole New World" the song Shawn and me danced to at our wedding and really my theme for life, every day is a new world and especially for this baby and us.

The music in the bear.

So pregnancy wise there still isn't much news, right now the baby is the size of a sprinkle! Momma has had a ton of symptoms this week. Cramps, headaches, emotional outbreaks, heartburn, tiredness, cravings (tonight it was thanksgiving) and most recently a lot of nauseousness! (which is strange because I didn't have any with Johnny, I keep telling Shawn it must be twins because of how intense my symptoms are :) he doesn't think it is funny, I do :)

I also got more serious about reading my books this week and started to scare myself. I am about 40pds over my idle weight and my BMI is high, which puts me at risk for gestational diabetes, preaclapsea, high blood pressure, and a lot more pregnancy complications directly related to me being out of shape. The baby could be born large and be more likely to be born via C-section, but mostly I have made this pregnacy harder on me and my body, by not losing weight before we got pregnant. The entire time we where trying to get pregnant I was trying to loose weight, but there was always an excuse and now I am very upset with myself for those excuses and not taking it as seriously as I should have! It is not about how I look anymore it is about the health of my baby. So I called my OB, since my first apt isn't until the 8th, and the nurse was very helpful and supportive. She said I could go on the diabetic diet now and restrict my calories to 2000 and maybe down to 1800 after my apt. It is important to note that this is not a diet, I am not taking anything away from the baby, it is a strick method of making sure the baby gets everything it needs and we don't take in anything we don't need. It has me really excited! and feeling better, kind of more aware that each meal or snack is something I am doing for the baby and not for me. For me, I hope to gain no more then 15 pds this pregnancy. (and that would still be healthy)


Baby Dennison said...

Lots of nauseau?? Sounds like a girl!!

Baby Dennison said...

Feeling really sick? Sounds like a girl to me!

Grams said...

A girl or TWO? The bear had a yellow ribbon, I'll look for a picture. Mom