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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Pumpkins at Apple Wood Farm

Today we took Johnny up to Apple Wood Farm in Whiteford to pick some pumpkins right off the vine, pet some animals, and ride in a tractor. My family has been going to this farm since we moved to Maryland and I have a lot of great memories there.

We started at the petting zoo, which I thought Johnny would like more then he did. He was a little stand offish and didn't really want to feed them.

Except the "qwak qwak" He loves them and threw all the food at them laughing.

He did try to climb in with goat, but didn't get very far, the goat didn't notice.

Then we ran around the kiddy maze and Johnny loved just running! He had to take every turn and look in every alcove until we made it to the end, then wanted to be carried.

We headed inside to get a drink and Johnny found the tractor,

Daddy had to make it bounce

This was the strangest thing, it was called the "spooky spot" it was a short walk of a haunted house, first time we just went though and Johnny didn't really seem to care either way, but when we got out and Daddy put Johnny down he ran back to the beginning and continued to go though it and then back to the beginning 8 times, before we stopped him. Who would have thought?

As we waited for the hay ride to the pumpkin patch Mommy sat Johnny in the middle of all ready picked pumpkin to get this adorable photo op. Our pumpkin in the pumpkins.

Enjoying the hay ride.
When we got to the field Mommy tried to get Johnny to hug the pumpkins, but instead he was kissing them.

Picking his pumpkin, right off the vine!

However when it came time to hold his pumpkin, he decided his hands where dirty! and kept wiping them.

There you have it, our little family of pumpkins! Daddy, Mommy, Johnny and green growing peanut (Daddy found it and Mommy was tickled)
Next week end some pumpkin carving....I love fall!!


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