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Friday, October 16, 2009

8 Weeks Pregnant

2 Months finally down, just 4 weeks until we are safe and comfy in the 2ed trimester!!! I am counting down the days!!

It was another rough week in Mommy's belly. Total exhaustion, super nauseous and air bubbles followed by loud and random burps. Mommy also now has been having some trouble sleeping, leading to more tiredness during the days and nights. Really that has been our week, going day by day trying to find healthy foods that calm Mommy's belly.

This week we scheduled a special 1st trimester screening for Down Syndrome and Trisonome 18, to include a few extra blood test and an extra ultrasound for mid November. Not that any outcome of these test could change the course of the pregnancy but we feel the more information we have the better we can be prepared, and we get an extra ultrasound.

Really and very thankfully there is no news and each day is just waiting to pass till be can get to the 12 week mark, that is all I can think about right now.


Jen said...

You are only a few days behind my sister-in-law :-)

Sharpiegirl said...

My nausea started today....6w1d. And of course it has to be in the middle of the day while I'm at work where I DON'T WANT people to know just yet.

Sakurako Kitsa said...

I know the feeling! Sometimes when you're going from milestone to milestone, the pregnancy feels like it's just inching along. I was like, make it to 12 weeks...make it to 13 weeks for the cerclage...make it to the 16 week checkup...make it to 20 weeks...and so on. :)

Grams said...

When do you go to the doctor next? They should be able to hear the heartbeat now.