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Friday, October 9, 2009

7 Weeks Pregnant...it is a peanut!

It is a peanut!!! 7 weeks along and everything looks perfect!!! We actually saw the little heart beating and that was amazying!!! Mommy cried! The heart rate was around 122, which is perfect...again! all perfect!!!

So 7 weeks gone and 33 weeks left to go! It is going by fast but not nearly fast enough!! Mommy was pretty miserable this week. LOTS of nauseousness, really it hasn't stopped for over a week! Heartburn, burping, head aches and generally feeling exhausted all the time. Really it was a horrible week! But yesterday we had our first appointment with the midwifes, we saw Lynn and she was very sweet and supportive! She said I was more concerned about my weight then she was, though I should try to keep my gain down to 20 pds at the most and stay away from carbs. I was an exciting patient because this is our second baby with these midwives and I have no health complications!!

We are counting down the days until we are safe in 12 weeks! But for now we can take a deep breath that everything is growing perfectly!

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