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Friday, October 2, 2009

Global Fluffy Bum

About 2 weeks ago we where happily involved in a wonderful program called Global Fluffy Bum.
Families from all over pass along this embroidered diaper cover, use in for a few days, and take it around their lives, then pass it along to the next family. I was so excited to get to use this diaper and we had a blast.

The first day we had it we just played around the house, nothing special, but it is our life, Johnny getting into trouble mostly.

Begging for a cup of juice.

Throwing all of the cushions off the couches so they can jump on them.

Surveying the mess and holding tight onto Elmo.

and climbing on the dinning room table.

The next day we had the diaper, we went to visit Grams and Pops. Johnny always has so much fun there, and it is crazy how big he looks without pants while Papa is holding him.

Here Johnny's 2 month old cousin Samantha wore the diaper too, why not?

Isn't she cute?

Then to the wash, this is our diaper basket!

Momma hand washed this cover to make sure nothing happened to it.

And hung it to dry.

Momma held onto the diaper longer then she should have, waiting for a sunny day to take Johnny to the tanks here on post and do some pictures. Perfect to come from the military family.

We really LOVED being involved in this program!! It got Momma more dedicated to doing the cloth diapers and even knitting some new covers!


Jen said...

I did not know you did this!!!! We did a long time ago and are on the list to do it again soon!

Hally said...

HA! I didn't know that you gals 'know' each other. The Jordan triplets are up next!