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Friday, November 28, 2008

First Black Friday

Our First Little Snow (it as was all gone by the time we got to the stores)

But it was fun to get all bundled up and cute!!

Crazy Mall

Singing Carols?

To follow is our baby fashion show of what we bought today, which was hard to get Johnny to sit still for, as you see.

Our day was wonderful!!! We drove to Tapica and went to the local mall. I love this tradition, it is really a chance to feel the Christmas spirit. I found the local radio station playing nothing but Christmas music and now we are watching our Christmas movies. I feel so great to be in the Christmas season, especially with Johnny here. Our holidays will never be the same and for the better we are adding new traditions to our old. However finding Baby's First Christmas cloths in 12-18 months is not easy, however we did find some!! I wonder how many people picked up the Baby's First Christmas onze in 18 months and laughed, we cheered!!

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Grams said...

I think you have enough Christmas clothes now and geez he looks more and more like Shawn every day!