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Sunday, March 1, 2009


It is March again. This time last year I was waiting to go into labor any moment and wanting the days to go by as fast as possible to meet our little monkey. This March I wish the days would slow down, it can't already be March, my baby can't almost be a full year old!!!

I have ordered the invites to his party and hope to get them out this week, his party is the 21st of March at 1 pm and we will be having Irish stew, soda bread and cake...more to be thought of in the next few weeks. If you are a family or friend who reads this blog or not you are probably getting an invite no matter what. I keep telling myself I have all or this time, but the truth is I have 16 days until his birthday and his pictures are in less then a week. I don't feel ready, but I will be ready.

In recent news, Johnny, Shawn, and I got to go to the airport yesterday with Grams and Ella to pick up Pops who was in Florida on business. Poor Papa got stuck there and was delayed (more then 12 hours) and it was a rough trip home. We missed him and it was so great to see him come out in the airport, Ella ran past security to hug him! And then we all went shopping for Easter outfits for the kids. I love spending time like this with both of my parents...I just hope to see a movie with Papa at some point.

But poor Johnny is teething again, he has his two bottom teeth popping up right now. It seems to hit him all at once, where some kids teeth for weeks, he has horrible nights and painful days only right as the teeth are starting to break through. He has had a low grade fever and been tired since yesterday, but is being so so good....actually complains less, and wants to be held more, laying his head against you as much as he can. The sad and funny thing is that he threw up in the airport yesterday. He was very very slowly eating a banana (which should have been my first warning) and next thing we knew it was pouring out of him mouth in waves until his stomach was empty. If I had not stopped him the rest of the banana in his hand would have been in his mouth and he giggled the entire time I was changing him. He only got it on himself and then his mess was a bio hazard and had to be cleaned up. I swear that cleaning lady was giving me the evil eye. He spent the rest of the day slumped in his stroller dosing on and off. He did spare a smile for the light up learning monkey toy Papa brought him back from Florida.

Momma joined Johnny on the sick ward and there fore we have declared today jammie day in the Branson house :) However Daddy did get our new one hand release baby gates mounted!!!

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Jen said...

Love the outfit! Where did you get it? I have been looking for matching outfits for my 3 with no luck!