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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


My sister-in-law showed me this article a few weeks ago and I finally found the courage to post it here. It helped me with me shed some light on my guilt and thought process about breastfeeding. I will say no more because that is not what this blog is about...however I am increadably proud and happy for the many moms in my life who have and do breastfeed...but breast is best puts women like me who formula fed automatically in a class with women who mash up chicken nuggets. When we finally do get number two I have no idea if I will breastfeed, and it is wonderful to know I am not alone and there is more abjective info out there.

the case against breasfeeding

this is not an article saying anything of the sort to deter women from breastfeeding, but points out that it isn't SO much better then claimed...I recommend any read it weither or not you breasfeed...the writter breasfeed 3 babies.


Grams said...

WOW. So much good information. Most things that I suspected. Everyone should make their own choice and not be judged. My entire family for 2 generations used formula except when they couldn't afford it. I do think it's a personal decision and I support people that choice either one. You AND Shawn should make a pro/con list for next time. I think him being involved will make the difference. You are a WONDERFUL mother and I don't know anyone who would say otherwise.

Baby Dennison said...

You know what I think of those judgmental, pretentious women! Where does anybody get off having the nerve to look down there noses? On behalf of all sane breastfeeding mothers I humbly apologize and encourage you to tell anyone who gives you attitude to stick it!