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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ice Cream

We are all disappointed that we didn't make it to Chicago for this week. (we did get to do a video conference with Grandma Sharon and GG last night, they watched Johnny eat...how exciting) So we thought we would get out for a couple hours today. We just went to Havre de Grace, which is a cute littl community down by the bay, right off post. We got some ice cream and went into a couple local shops.

Not real exciting, but it is fun to give Johnny something special like ice cream and make an event out of it.

He spent most of our walk running away from us ;)

Picking out his Ice Cream

Yummm...Daddy and Johnny sharing a brownie sunday

But Daddy I wanted the cherry!!!

Reaching for ice cream!!! YUMMMMMMMMM

Our Treky Baby.......

This was Johnny favorite little shop, a used book shop. He ran around pulling books off the shelf then sitting down and flipping through it for a few minutes.

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Grams said...

It's the little things that are the best!