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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Church and Dinner...A GREAT EASTER!!!

This the best picture I could get of Johnny and his adorable Easter outfit...the one year old just won't sit still...his feet hit the floor and he is on the run.
We are so so cool!!
We went to church with Grams, Pops, Uncle Chuckles, Aunt Chel, and Wyatt...it was very nice. We got there early enough that we got seats (you wouldn't believe how many people had to stand) Johnny was amazying!! He sat in my lap...made some noices, claped after we sang and was so so good!!! Grams and Pops made him giggle during mass...that is what Grandparents are for :)

"This is my house! I will scwoel and walk around...that is right!"
This is what Grams and Pops got Johnny for Easter (and some cloths!) He loves to climb in and out of it...like I said before...sitting still is hard...he is one...but loves rocking chairs and this one is a very special gift he will always have!
The Easter egg hunt. Notice the two parents taking pictures.
Johnny finding an egg.
Ella helping Johnny reach his egg (she later shared eggs she had found with him, she is a great big cousin!!)
Johnny not putting his found egg into his basket..instead he wanted to remove the ones already in the basket.
Johnny decieding the grass needed to be cut.
Dinner was so yunmmy. Mommy made a ham (well reheated it anyways) Aunt Natalie made mashed potatoes and Uncle Tommy helped to make German potatoe salad (not to mention cookies) Aunt Chel made a very ymmy strawberry lady finger pie, grams made fresh veggines and fruit.....it was so nice to sit around with everyone and talk...no pressure...it was wonderful.

Ella drinking her "coffee" ie milk :)

Easter was wonderful. We spent a lot of time with our family and ate good food. Johnny seemed to have a good time and we created some great memories....what a wonderful way to start fresh this spring! I just feel complete.


Grams said...

HOW DID YOU GET THE PICTURES OFF MY CAMERA? Thanks for dinner Cupcake! We love You

Natalie said...

Thanks for a great meal Jen! It was a very pleasant time had by all! Though I wish there were fewer pictures of me mid-chew posted for all the world to see :)

Grams said...

I like the picture of you and your brother taking pictures of each others children!