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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Our Own Little Playground

Isn't he cute? and he loves playing outside!!!

He turtle sandbox and green sand...thanks Uncle Tommy and Aunt Natalie!

His twisty tossy sprinkler...thanks Uncle Chuckles and Aunt Chel!!!

Storming away after Mommy and Daddy tricked him into getting wet...maybe it is not warm enough yet :)

His slide...borrowed from Cousin Ella....till Sam is big enough next!

Orginally we thought we would head up to Dc today and see the museums...but when we saw how beautiful it was outside we decided to stay home and play in our back yard. Johnny has his own playground..he has sandbox, slide, sprinkler, his size basket ball hoop, and lawn mower and wheel barrel and other various toys...plus his newest addition his own size picnic table!!!! WHAT FUN!!!!

In other news and for my own records...these are the words Johnny can say and understand..
Meow (he talks to the cat)
All Done
Here Ya Go


Jen said...

Where do you get green sand? I am waiting on our sand table to get here!

Grams said...

Love the "swimming outfit" and the green sand. What Fun!

Tara said...

That looks more fun than museums any day! :) I can't believe how much Johnny looks like you!