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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Being Sprayed with the Hose

Running around outside being sprayed by Daddy.

Running away and to Mommy for help.

Look at those tiny wet foot prints.
picking up mud from out one mud puddle.

Gorilla pose!

Mommy's attempt at being artistic with baby feet in mud.

While Mommy was cleaning bathrooms the boys thought they would be sweet and plant my rose bush out front. SOOO sweet!!! But needles to say Johnny got pretty dirty, so instead of going right to the bath tub we thought we would take advantage of the sunny day and let Johnny play in the mud and spray him down with the hose. He wasn't as interested in the mud as I wanted him to be, even when I handed him a worm he didn't care much. But he enjoy running from the hose as Daddy sprayed him.

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