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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Zoo and down to DC

Wanting to play with the Meerkats

Refusing to keep his sunglasses on his eyes...or his hat on his head...but his sunglasses on his head are okay.
There is something up there...they both see it!

This was Johnny's favorite...a Shrew!! We had to drag him away when other kids wanted a turn.

Looking at a yellow monkey...Momma should have been reading the signs instead of taking so many pictures.

HUGE Catfish...really!!
Learning at the kids farm

It was so Hot...poor baby was great about it all!

Not letting go of Momma's hand.

YEAH my own water!!!

After a change of cloths we ended up at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum to cool off...he got so excited to push his stroller.

Washington Memorial.

Jefferson Memorial...NO CHERRY BLOSSOMS

Look at those teeth

Playen on the green by the river

The only Cherry Blossoms we found anywhere and the empty tree I thought they should be on.

Riden the metro and holding on.

We have a very nice day at the National Zoo and the walking the Mall in downtown DC. It was hot but Johnny was wonderful and it was a great day all around. Shawn and I decided we don't spend enough time there, there is so much to see and do we need to make a point of going back. Johnny had a great time, though I had very badly wanted to see some Cherry Blossoms, but it looks like we missed them, next year we will make a point to get there on time.


Tara said...

oh wow! what wonderful pictures! we miss you guys!!!

Natalie said...

Sorry you missed out on the blooms! Looks like the festival ended 11-APR, but I would think some would still be on the trees. You were near the tidal basin, right? Oh well, we'll all go next year. Looks like you guys had a great day anyway!