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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

look at how we have grown

Dose that look like some one we all know? hummm I wonder....some times I can't deciede...Ella or Johnny? But aren't we cute eaither way? That is Momma (jen) and Grams when Momma was as old as Johnny is now. The funny thing, my eyes went automatically to that rug on the floor that I remember we had for years...I used to pretend little people walked around the details...strange things the mind of a child remembers :)

by the way...gas is $1.95 here and Shawn has a one day work week (24 hour duty tomorrow, but still only one day this week)

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Grams said...

I think I may have that rug in the attic. Of course it smells a little and a corner of it was chewed by one of the dogs, can't remember which and I think I may even have burnt it with a log from the fireplace. It still carries great memories.