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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Playing today

Climbing mount Daddy, for no more reason then he can :)

Our attempt at getting him to talk for all of you..instead you get to see him tactfully put his own pacifier in his mouth, no help!!

Johnny has been extra fun lately!!! He wants attention and will yell and wine until he gets it, but when he does he is all smiles and giggles at everything you do. Daddy and me both got on the floor with him this evening to play...he didn't know what to do with both of us right there. He contented himself with holding both our hands and smiling :) He didn't even need to play. It was nice But then we got him, and tickled and laughed and it was wonderful. He really has been getting excited when either one of us enter a room. Last night Shawn brought him to me to say good night and the moment he saw me he flailed his body and smiled so big that is pacifier fell out of his mouth...it made my heart skip a beat. He is a good boy.

I can't help but wait for the bottom to fall out of our boat. Johnny is so wonderfully healthy and happy, Shawn won't be getting deployed again (tears...can't help it) AND we are moving home...not to mention babies galore all around being born... (speaking of which...Baby Kat is coming into this world any minute and we can't wait to hear) Just saying it all seems to be working out too well...now if I could just loss the rest of this weight and pack th house smoothly :) Look at me always asking for more.

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Jen said...

I LOVE when their little bodies fail and their arms go all wild when they get excited!!! Isn't it great!?