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Monday, November 10, 2008


His toy box which sit in the living room, he knows just where to go

Crawling into his toy box

Oh LOOK, I don't know how to go around, so I will go over to get this one block, even though there are 20 more just like in the box that I went over.

Really I didn't make this mess....daddy did it :)

Standing with one hand supported!!!!! He stood like this great until he wanted something on the floor, so he plopped back down. This picture is weird for me...it looks like a baby standing, but I know he is big enough :)

this is our little secret :) He doesn't know yet how to pull himself up...but he is getting very very close!!

Ignore the boxes and cushions we are organizing and cleaning to move, thank you :)

He is offically too big for his swing, when he sits in it his butt comes one inch from the floor and he no longer puts up with the bouncer, he is mobile and wants to stay that way. Just in time for Baby Wyatt to inherit/borrow both!


Grams said...

He looks like he's 3 years old. Pops

Jen said...

He does look older! Hard to believe how fast they grow up. We are officially done with bottles :-( and :-)