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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Christmas pictures taken at home

So we thought we would try to take our Christmas pictures at home....

we are going to sears tomorrow :)


Jen said...

NO need to go to Sears! You have GOT to use those for your X-mas card! Make one that has 3 different pictures and use the last 3! LOVE THEM! Especially the last one and second one! They are great!!! I want one of them to put on my fridge!

Grams said...

Papa and I love them all! You need some bubbles with his thoughts in them. Any ideas anybody?

Jen said...

Bubbles for the last picture: "be nice, or only coal in your stocking!"

The 2nd one would look cute with just "Merry Christmas" or something similar.

All 4 would look really cute on Christmas cards. I ordered birthday cards (thank yous) from Shutterfly and they had Christmas cards that you could put 4 pictures in.

OK, I REALLY need to go do something (wash and fold diapers, clean up the kitchen, etc)!

PS--Jenni I called you and left you a message!

Tim and Tara said...

Oh my! Forget Sears, those are completely adorable chica!!

You make pretty babies :o)