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Sunday, November 9, 2008

No more lump

So there is so much going on and nothing at all. We have a very nice 5 day week end, but we have been trying to stay in and get the house ready for the move. So we have had three days of sitting around watching our little monkey get up the nerve to crawl and try to pull himself up on us and the table. But more importantly we have had a lot of really great family time. Just the three us laughing and rolling around on the floor.

Yesterday I got a call I had been anxiously awaiting for 2 days...Baby Kat was born via a lot of hard work by her momma. I have heard she is beautiful and healthy and as I was getting off the phone with Tara (Kat's mom) they where wheeling Kat into her room, and Tara started to cry. I thought to myself how sweet to be so over whelmed with love for the new life you created, and I was sad, sad that I miss my friend, sad that I won't get to meet Kat for months yet, and sad that my days on lumpness are gone. My monkey swings through the house on endless energy and grabs what ever is with in reach, tries to roll off the bed as you are changing his diaper and is constantly getting into everything!!!! Then I looked at my monkey with tears in my eyes, and his little butt was in the air, on all fours and rocking trying to take that first crawl, magically his eyes caught sight of the yellow cylinder (his most favorite block) he looked at me and smiled as he flopped on his belly and in seconds was on his back with the block in his mouth babbling away. It probably doesn't sound like much, but I couldn't stop from bawling. I don't have a lump, but I have Monkey and he always takes my breath away with the most beautiful smiles that brighten up the world and the most contagious giggles and take me in fits. No matter how old they get, (listen to me, as if I have been a mom for more then 8 months) that overwhelming urge to love them never goes away. So to Tara and Tim, new parents to a wonderful little girl...congratulations, all our hearts are with you, we miss you and great job we are so proud to know you all, but really and truly the best is yet to come!!! Every day is better then the last!!!


Jen said...

I know what you mean! I packed away their bottles today and cried as I did it. Then my friend called as I was going through their clothes that don't fit anymore and starting crying telling her what I was doing and how I packed away their bottles.

Congrats to Tim & Tara and welcome Kat!

Tim and Tara said...

Thank you babes!! You're too too sweet... I'm still not over getting teary eyed when I look at her. I can't wait to see her grow the way Johnny has!!!

Hugs babes!!