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Thursday, November 27, 2008

What are you thankful for?

This year amongst all of our blessings, I am thankful for...

The Years of Pregnant Dennisons
Many Healthy Babies Given to Those I love, so I can Love them
Orders to Maryland, and home awaiting us
4 years in one place, together
Tom the Turkey and our bent pan
Love, and the happiness I found 5 years ago
Penneys from Heaven
Family and Friends all across the country
Unending support from every angel and through everything

But Most of all we are thankful for Baby Blues whose heart beats and lungs breath, who wants to cuddle all the time and smiles when you walk into a room. Laughs uncontrollably when you tickle his feet and pulls on your pants to be picked up. Who I love more then I ever thought I could, tears fill my eyes when think of how just looking at him I am a better person and my life and my heart grow to make room for love and happiness every day....

what are you thankful for?

Happy Thanksgiving


Jen said...

I am most thankful for my babies. We went through a lot of heartache, pain, money, stress and waiting to get them. I am thankful that they had almost 32 weeks inside me to grow and they their 38 days in the NICU were uneventful (for the most part). I am thankful for the Drs and Nurses who helped my dream of becoming a mother turn into a reality. Thankful for the Dr and Nurses who were with me while I was pregnant and for those in the NICU. I am thankful for my family who stood by and for Brett who never gave up on me. :-)


Grams said...

We are thankful for a loving daughter! The wife and mother she has become. That she has fond memories of her Penney grandparents now in heaven and of a bent pan from Thnksgivings long past.
Who would not be thankful for a grandson with toothless grins and a granddaughter who calls us her best friends and a grandson soon to be born. Of a grandchild to be born next summer to loving parents who have overcome obstacles to become parents again.
We're thankful for children that have become adults that choose to share their daily lives with us and of course for their loving spouses that treat us with love and respect.
We're thankful for each other for 32 years and hopefully for 32 more.