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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Playing at Chick Fil A

He sucks his bottom lip a lot...always a thinker! (as always look at those eyes)
Look at the big boy playing in the big boy toys

Walking...or running away from mommy to get to the bigger boy section!

Static hair from climbing in and how of the tree, you can really see how much he has now...all on the top of his head, like a natural mow hawk!


He liked the soup! (bet you didn't know chick Fil A had soup) And ate an entire apple....he has been eating a lot today!!! Oh how amazing he is and how big and beautiful. He loved playing with/around other kids his size (though twice his age) one girl kept hugging him!!! It was so cute! He would have played all day, though kept wanting to leave the 3 and under section for the bigger kid tunnels where cousin Ella was playing.
Just have to say thank god for sanitizing hand wipes and camera phones :)

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