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Tuesday, January 27, 2009


We finally got our furniture...after waiting at an empty house for 10 hours...but it is there and the house is so much bigger then we have ever lived in before, so with our stuff in the house it seems like we have a ton of room. We are taking our time unpacking so we can clean and organize and get rid of what we don't need. This is so great, and feels so wonderful tomorrow night we hope to live at home :)

Johnny has been eating more then normal the past two days...oh god I hope this is another growth spurt!! AHHHH :) He has also been needier lately, wanting to be held and just lay on me looking out, when he isn't being held or walked around by one hand he is complaining to be picked up again...we have noticed he has never had a tear!!! I remember when his tear ducks opened (his eyes where really goupy) around 3 months, but still no matter what no tears...will ask the doctor, though sadly we now have to switch pediatritian to military a doctor on post...but it will be okay.

I forgot the camera and pictures at the house where there is not yet any Internet, tomorrow hopefully, but here is the website of with the external pic and the lay out.


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