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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Papa's Birthday and Johnny's First Bites of Cake

John Robert got Papa a T-shirt with his picture on it and John Robert got him self a shirt with Papa's picture on it for the occasion.

Johnny got to eat cherrios off of a fancy Crystal plate at Papa's Birthday party

John Robert loved Papa's birthday hate

Papa loves his grand kids and loved being surronded by them for his birthday

John Robert loves his papa too
Ella and her cousin Sophia decorated papa's birthday cake

Papa loves giving his Grandkids special things and their firsts so John Robert got his very FIRST birthday cake...minus most icing and all sprinkles (apples, cookies and m and ms) :) He loved it!!!! Momma started to cry that it was his first sweet and it was wonderful that is was Papa's Birthday cake.

Looking for more cake :)

Momma tends to try and keep her baby a baby, I was grinding everything I was giving him for a while. Until we got to Maryland and Grams took the cubed steamed sweet potatoes that I was going to mush up and just gave them to Johnny, she also just cut up grean beans and gave those to him...he loves feeding himself and has no problems with any of it. He is using a straw cup and already cutting back on his formula (he will keep it up until 1 year, but will be ready to drink milk right away) He is eating so many new foods now, scrambled eggs, small crackers, and any soft veggies and cut up fruit (grapes he loves) It is all amazying. I guess I just didn't want him to grow up.... Now look at him....growing up....but he will always be my baby....becuase I won't let him not be!

Sorry i got off on a tanget, thinking about the first peas he ate and how they just fell out of his mouth and now he is feeding himself cake...where did the time go?

Papa's Birthday was a lot of fun. Everyone came over and it was so nice to just hang out, eat and chat. Kids running around every where and babies in everyone's arms was wonderful. It is amazying how this family is growing so fast!!!! The adults went to see Valkery (the Tom Cruise movie) since papa loves going to movies and it was acually pretty good, it really sucked you in.
I hope every year is this much fun!!!

There are 109 pictures from today...this is just an sample of the some focused on Johnny...check out land of mary for more later and Thomas' mobile me in a few days.

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Jen said...

Happy Birthday! Mine love cake (though they don't get it very often). What type of straw sippy are you using?