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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Jousting Temporary Lactose Intolorence and WALKING

Shawn and I finally had a date night, thanks to the wonderful baby sitting skills of grams and pops (and how much they love doing it) We went to Medieval Times in Baltimore. It was super fun and check out the gigantic beers!!!! Mommy drank one and a half of these and then wanted to spend $60 on a big dragon for Johnny, we ended up getting him the $10 smaller version and he loves it!

It was so nice to be an adult and have a break after spending a week being thrown up on. Apparently after all of the stomach flu and trying to introduce yogurt Johnny has developed a lactose intolerance, our pedi says it is temporary and in a few days of no lactose he should be able to get his formula back. Johnny started to empty his stomach an hour or two after having a bottle. One night, after the first bought Mommy held him, and let it keep coming out right down the front of her dress in the bath tub, he was very tired and every time I set him down he would try to cry and be bent over with how his stomach bothered him. Papa and Grams running around the house helping us clean up and Mommy just holding a sick monkey trying not to cry. But now he is drinking soy milk (not formula since the pedi said it didn't matter and the milk is cheaper) and we are giving it a week before reintroducing any dairy. But I will be permantly tramitised just by the smell and watching it come out of him, but really as long as he was being held he would let it out and then settle back in, not a noise of complant.

I wanted to show Johnny and his favorite toy. There are four boxes of toys that light up and/or make noise and Johnny loves the stacking rings!!! These two he has tried to carry around and would not let them go. He also has been walking a lot lately!!! Up to 8 steps at a time and every chance he gets. He acually tries to run and throw himself on his target. He really needs little support ever and he often is on the go even when we do not prompt him. I have been trying to get a video for you all, but he gets so excited when he sees the camera he just wants to eat it :)


Eric said...

I love Medieval Times!

Tara said...

Date night is goooood! We have some great memories at that Medieval Times, good show! Glad you guys got a chance to play together... sounds like you earned it this week Super Momma!!