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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Everyone is Sick!!!

So Johnny and his stomach flu has decided he doesn't want to be alone in his sickness....Daddy was throwing up and then Mommy and now Grams and Pops!!! (we are doing our best to avoid the pregnant woman and the 4 year old across the street and sadly we can't see the 2 week old) Daddy and Mommy had the worst of it yesterday so Papa stayed up with a very hungry and unhappy John Robert last night (the pediatrician said no formula or food until he stopped throwing up and just pedialit, now he is on the BRAT diet...bananas, rice, apples and toast) So Mommy and Daddy got to rest up and we feel much better, a little worn down, dehydrated and tense, but much better, thank you Papa!!! I guess that is all for now....still in the mindst of it all Johnny spends most of his time laughing, except when he is hungry of course...even in the dr's office yesterday, she remarked at how happy he was!!

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Jen said...

WOW, that must be rough with the whole house sick! Brett has gotten over his head cold or whatever it is. I managed to get it. We have yet to have the stomach bug! I have to take Bo back in today to check his breathing and find out if they have RSV (PLEASE NO!). Hope you all get to feeling better soon!