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Friday, January 16, 2009

Walking consistantly

I just love this outfit....he knows he is cool!

mid step catching his balance

I realise I have been bloging a lot, but there have been a lot of things going on...I would say first steps are blog worthy. I feel like it was barely crawling then pulling himself up and I turned my head for a second and he started walking. John Robert walked at nine months old and it has been more and more lately. It seems every time I turn around he is on his feet rocking to the next wall of chair to hold himself on. So here are a few pictures and videos. I wish I could share with you all how far he really goes, all the way across a room and then back....He will be 10 months old tomorrow, by 11 months he will be walking around the mall (by 12 months asking for the car keys)

Still no news from housing on a move in date. We did feel better when we were told that the disgusting broken down house we were first shown was a mistake and maintenance had not even had a chance to get in to it yet. So now we wait...should be this week... no big deal really, just annoying. But Shawn is settling into his new job very well and preparing to fulling take over...already he sees how to improve and make the post better...he has a lot on his plate since there were 2 complete suicides on post in the last six months, being mental health this is something he can't let go on. He is so motivated....it is cute.

As I write this we received word that Shawn's Great Aunt Marget passed away, it was coming and she is happier now, but we are thinking of you all!

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