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Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I just wanted to tell everyone how much better everyone is feeling. Papa is still a little run down (well maybe a lot, though he is better then yesterday), but Grams is starting to feel better too. John Robert never for a fever, his noise has stopped running and no longer has diaria!!!!! Tomorrow formula comes back and real food again!! YEAH!!! Momma and daddy took Johnny out for the day to get the car fixed and visit with Uncle Chuckles, Aunt Chel, and Cousin Wyatt. We had dinner with Cousin Wyatt and Johnny was getting so very excited to see him, laughing and jumping up and trying to grab him! I loved it!!

Tomorrow Shawn will be signing in to post and finally start working. We talked to housing and it looks like we could get a nice two bedroom house in the next two weeks. We are number 2 on the list!!!!! It will be so nice to be settled in one place and comfy!!!

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Tara said...

So glad to hear you're all feeling better and will be settled in soon!!!