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Sunday, January 4, 2009


Just a quick update....Johnny caught a little cold a few days ago... no fever, but bugers from nose to chin and a slight cough. Today he threw up a few times and had slimy diaria. None of it seemed to bother him much at the beginning. Acually directly after he threw up he went to put more cherrios in his mouth. Even the diaria, he would stand up let it out and then fall forward onto me. He has been extra tired and eating a little less. But he only let it all out at lunch and after each little nap he feels much better. Today has he felt bad he wanted me to hold him and feel asleep on my chest, it had felt so wonderful to have him asleep on my chest again, and when he woke up he was smiling and happy and beautiful. He is feel much much better!!! He loves him sippy cup of water and cheerros and it always makes him feel better.

Co-sleeping....I love holding my little monkey why he sleeps and soothing him as he wakes. I absolulty love the hour after he wakes in the morning and he is playful and giggly. He dosen't lay down with us in bed untill early morning, and he is kicky most of the night, but the those few hours of sleep when our cycles are one, make me feel so close. That saying I don't sleep very well when he is in bed with us and with younger children it can be dangerous (though the pediatritian says it is okay at his age and mobility) It is getting closer and closer to the time when he needs to spend all night alone in his own bed....I will miss him.

Our sweet boy is so amazying and each day he dose so many more things. He is starting to wave and really interats, he dances and bobs his head with music. He mimics us singing and certain phrases...he is getitng very close to ooops...and momma (yeah!!!) I wish I could share with each one of you all the things he is doing and can't even put them all down in words. We really are so very blessed!!


Jen said...

Glad he is feeling better. I am getting ready to load my sick ones up and take them to the Dr. They have been SICK all weekend (along with myself)!

Natalie said...

I finally get a chance to see all the posts you keep referring to: man Jen, you are ON IT! Thanks for chronicalling everything so well! Johnny looks even cuter in pictures than he does in person!

Grams said...

He is very photogenic for sure! Even through the whole sick house he was happy and teetering around. We're all so happy they are in Maryland!