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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Signed in but no house

So Shawn officially signed in and everything went great. The people at at the community mental health are super nice and Shawn is excited to step into a real NCO position!!! They all love Johnny and there are a lot of babies under one year in the clinic. We did get a chance to get an apartment on post today. We went and looked at it and well...it had a lot of problems. We refused to sign for it and the office said there must have been some problem, with how dirty and how many things were not acceptable and they are going to have an inspector look at it and we will go from there. Shawn and I are exploring all of our options...including off post, but we will see. Thanks to Grams and Pops we always have a home here.

Papa playing with Johnny on the floor
Grams and Pops resuced Minnie mouse and she has become very nice for the kids. She lets Johnny do whatever and never snapes or barks at him, still goes to him!! He really likes her back.

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