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Friday, May 14, 2010

38 Weeks Pregnant

Lily got this bow and a bunch of other really cute stuff from our friend in Georgia, Jennifer. I am so excited about this and I love it so so much!

The weeks seem like they are flying by, but I feel every second. Just two weeks until our due date, and she mine as well stay in there until then and give me more time to knit and clean. However, each day I am more uncomfortable (itchy belly, back pain, swollen ankles, random cramps, lack of sleep...), but that is pregnancy and you just have to live with it, because it is all worth it.

Our weekly appointment was yesterday and it was a little more intense then usual. I took Johnny alone, since Shawn had a big inspection at work, and the midwife was trying to figure out how big Lily is (she is big! and there is extra fluid with her) and felt what she thought was her head, up at the top of my belly and her heart beat about where my belly button is. So here we where again thinking that she was breach. The midwife discussed the fact that I am 38 weeks and we need to get her flipped ASAP! Our practice and hospital won't let a breached baby be born vaginally, let alone that mom go into labor naturally. So me and Johnny headed back down to Labor and Delivery for the second time in three weeks to have an ultrasound and figure out where this baby is. If she was breach again I was given the impression that we would be staying at the hospital and getting a doctor to do a manual flip (which is painful for me and can cause cord wrapping around baby's neck or even an emergency C if she went into distress,) right then and there and if they couldn't get her to flip we would be scheduling a c-section for next week! Thank god she is flipped, and they found her head immediately! nice and low! What this does mean is that she seems rather big. Her head is low, her heart beat is high, and her butt is so big everyone thinks it is her head! This week the panic over that took over most of the appointment, so next week I am going to talk more about her size and the extra fluid to see what that means, if anything.

This last week end we went outlet shopping at some outlets and I got squared away for labor! I got a new night gown to wear during labor, a new terrycloth wrap for after the tub, a new bath robe and new fuzzy flip flops....all in a very cool zebra print! I also got some comfy night gowns for after Lily is born and while we are still in the hospital. I will look great for the millions of pictures we will be taking and be comfy all the time! Our bags are packed and our plans are set, it is real and we are having a baby!

In the past few weeks we have been gathering everything Lily will need and getting some special items as well. This adorable tutu we got off of ebay and I love it. It is very poofy and professionally made, though it is hand made. She is going to wear this for her newborn pictures and Johnny is going to wear his tux!

This is just a winter coat that Grams got on clearance at Children's Place, but it really hit me as adorable. Everything is pink, EVERYWHERE!!!!

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Mimi said...

I know who you are because I follow your Mom( or MIL) Kathy's blog!!!I love her blog, it is so real and so funny!!!!A new baby girl, I think I missed the gender somewhere and I cannot believe 9 months have passed since she told us you were expecting!!!!!OH YEAH!!!!!!I love the name LILY, I am hearing that alot more lately, we are big SEX and the CITY fans and that is a character on that movie, it is Charlotte's daughter in the movie!!!!WE buy alot of tutus and I have learned how to make them, so our little granddaughter has every color!!!!So precious!!!!I could explain how to make them to you real quick!!!!Let me know!!!!I could do a pictorial on how to make them!!!!!haha
I also make the flower head bands!!!!Not the crochet types, but I could possible!!!
Any who, thanks for popping in and entering the 7th generation give away, it is awesome!!!!
SO much stuff!!!!!!!
I could not believe how much was in that box!!!!!!
Some one in my family will draw out a number based on what number your comment was place 1-?????right now only about 10 comments, so good shot!!!!!!
Have a Blessed day
I hope your little daughter isn't as big as my first daughter
9 pounds 15 ounces 23 inches long!!!!That is BIG!!!!!