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Thursday, May 20, 2010

First Trip to the ER

Yes, you read the title right...at 26 months Johnny had his first trip to the emergency room!

Though this wasn't a serious trip it was still an ordeal, our poor monkey had to watch his morning shows in a hospital bed.

Shortly after waking up Johnny was washing his hands in the upstairs bathroom while standing on his little stool, not 8 inches off the ground. Some how he lost his balance and went down, hitting his chin on the counter on his way. Immediatly he started crying out and we noticed the blood on his hands and his face. We really couldn't calm him down but we could glance at what was injured. There where wounds on the inside and outside of his bottom lip, we weren't sure, but it appeared that he had bit through his lip! The bleeding stopped but he still seemed to be in pain and the lip was swollen and tender, so 8 am we headed off to the emergency room. The entire thing took just over two hours but wasn't anything special. Everyone there loved his shoes and his dinosaurs, he was angry that he couldn't eat and didn't want anyone touching or messing with his mouth. But didn't throw any fits or anything horrible like that.

He did not bit through his lip, but instead bit the inside with his bottom teeth and the outside with his top teeth. The physicians assistant used dermabound and glued the one centimeter cut on the outside closed, but said that the inside wasn't too bad and would heal on its own just fine. The only instructions we got where to not let him eat anything that hurts and to not let him pick the dermabound off, simple enough! So far strawberries hurt him! Poor baby, but I am really proud of how well he did with the entire thing and that he stayed perfectly dry the entire morning!
We stopped by to see Grams and Pops and play for a little while! Johnny was as excited and happy as ever, however he seems extra careful, not wanting to walking up or down stairs without a hand...who can blame him!

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