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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Lactose Intolerance MIGHT not be Temporary

Poor Johnny boy still seems to have diarrhea after three weeks! Around 11 this morning he was playing like a good boy in his Yoda underwear one moment and the next moment all Mommy heard was a splash as he stood up and there was water like poo all over the floor and him. Poor baby had no idea what to do. After getting him on toilet it just kept coming and the poor thing was bent over with tummy cramps, so we called the doctor again. Though we where in there just last week for this exact same thing, all of his tests where negative, no fever and a ton of energy, we still couldn't explain why he was still having this problem.

For the past week we have been really careful about his diet, giving him only easily digestible food and no milk or lactose to try and let his system build back up. But this morning Mommy let him have less then a spoonful of milk when he asked for a bite of my cereal and three hours later his system was in chaos again. Our doctor says he is the picture of health (and was very impressed with how intelligent he is!) So our only working theory is that he might be lactose intolerant, more then just the common after stomach flu issues. For the next three weeks we are too let him eat a normal diet, but give him lactose free milk and yogurt. He can have anything else! I truly expected to walk out of this appointment with a very strict diet in hand, but this seems simple enough. Whole 100% lactose free milk and lets see what happens. We have to take him back in a month so our doctor can check his weight, since technically he lost 9 oz this past week, aside from that being perfectly okay for a child his size, that difference could just be the difference between cloths or scales. But weight lose can be a key sign of something more serious, which our doctor was very doubtful of since up until Mommy messed him up he was doing better every day.

Yesterday I felt like the greatest Mommy ever...Johnny had only one accident (poo) and stayed dry all day, he was such a good and gentle boy at Grams and Pops house and was listening so well. And I managed to get a ton of laundry done and both kids rooms really clean. But toady has not been as good.

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Grams said...

Do you realize you might have to take a newborn baby with you to his next dr appointment?