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Sunday, May 23, 2010


We aren't positive at this point...however it looks like we could be starting this process!

At 4 pm this afternoon when I went to the potty I noticed that I was bleeding...not much, but when you are pregnant any bleeding is enough. After paging the midwife and having me frantically trying to tell her about the blood and having the phone cutting out she told us to go ahead up to labor and delivery to be checked out...the big concern was that I hadn't felt Lily move since the bleeding started. In the car me and Shawn gently talked about what could be wrong and what could be going on, but quickly realized thinking about worst case thinking was not helping us, so we made jokes and talked about anything but.

Aunt Natalie meet us at the hospital to take Johnny home and let him play with Sammi and Ginger. Grams and Pops where in PA visiting Grandpap Steve and Grandma Joyce and hopped in the car at the first call that we where headed into labor and delivery.

Very quickly after getting checked in to triage the nurse was very unconcerned and found Lily's heart beat right away! She was fine and my bleeding was stopping!!! It really was never bleeding, but my "bloody show." Which is a brownish blood discharge meaning that my cervix is softening and it is completly normal. I started to cry. I was so happy that nothing was wrong, but at the same time bloody show does not mean you are in labor, just that "labor could start soon." We sat connected to the monitors for 40 mins or so and Lily was very active and we saw that I was having some contractions, small and not consistent, but still they where there. I was let go from the hospital and told to come back when I felt ready to be checked again...the nurse was very confident that I would be back and in labor tonight! I SURE HOPE SO!!! My mom said she had this with each one of us and with in 8 hours she had a baby in her arms!

Since I was let go Shawn and I went to Chilis for some spicy food and then walked around Target to get things going. Contractions are coming more often and getting intense. The timing is still inconsistent, but they are getting worse. Still not painful and I can easily talk through each one, or even ignore them completely. I feel 80% sure that I am in labor, but at any point it could just all stop and it could still be a week before we have her. But for now I am keeping moving, walking, and rocking trying to get the contractions to come on more! Johnny will be staying tonight with Grams and Pops and Shawn and I will be headed home to clean up and keep moving. We will hopefully be updating as this goes on, or when it stops.

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