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Friday, May 7, 2010

Fully Cooked, 37 Weeks

Well she can come out any time now! Of course Johnny stayed in for another 4 weeks, so chances are it may still be a little bit...but she is fully cooked and will only get fatter from her on out!

We are in the last of the last stretch and we are feeling it! Momma is increasingly uncomfortable. I can no longer sleep in the bed, I have to sleep on the couch, and I am up to pee 3-6 times a night. I am almost never hungry, but always have heartburn. My back hurts, my hands and feet swell constantly and I think I could just keep going on with these complaints.

We had a midwife appointment yesterday, since they are now weekly! It was a mostly positive appointment. Lily is still doing great! She favors my right side and seems to have settled there, her heart beat was "happy" and everything is still right on track. My group B strep test came back positive. Which isn't a big deal, but I do have to have two doses of antibiotic during labor to make sure the baby gets some and won't have any problems with the bacteria after she is born. We talked a lot about labor and the midwife answered a bunch of questions I had just about what to pack and expect, I am getting more and more excited about using the labor tub! Grams and I decided that the gowns they give you at the hospital are ugly, so we are looking for a night gown to wear during labor and delivery or maybe making one.

At this point Lily's room is ready for a baby to come and live, but the rest of the house is not to my new baby clean standard yet and we aren't fully packed for the hospital. This week end we are headed to the Beach with the rest of the Dennisons for a Mother's Day mini vacation! I am really excited to see Johnny playing in the water and sand. Once we get home on Monday I can pack our Hospital bags and be all set. Though I feel confident that Lily will stay in there until our due date, still three weeks away, it is a little scary and exciting to think that any moment of any day I could go into labor!

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