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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Feeding the Ducks

Daddy took a very long week end of leave for Mother's Day and today was the start! We started off with an unplanned trip to the duck pond in Bel Air (we also had a midwife appointment, but there will be more about that tomorrow.)

We had basically an entire loaf of bread and the ducks snatched it all up! We where swamped with ducks and geese. Johnny really enjoyed so many ducks, he kept yelling "see ducks" and bouncing around waving his arms while laughing. Where we nervous about letting him near some of the ducks who where very pushy about getting the bread, he even got nipped once, but didn't care!

We found a family of ducks with "baby ducks" and Johnny became attached to them. Daddy feed the big ducks so they would leave Johnny alone to feed the baby ducks.

He followed the baby ducks around throwing as much bread at them as he could.

But any animal that would come close enough to him would get some bread. But any time the pieces of bread didn't get directly to the birds he would pick it back up and carry it to the ducks to make sure every last crumb was eaten up.

Even when we ran out of bread Johnny wanted to get close to the ducks. He would pick up anything on the ground, including leaves and sticks, and try to get the ducks to eat them. He didn't chase the birds like he does the cat at home, he walked very slowly and carefully up to every duck just to see how close he could get. I am so glad we just decided to stop last minute and let Johnny "see ducks." It was wonderful to see him so happy and excited about something so simple, I have over 60 pictures!

He has more then enough energy to spare, however he is still having bad diarrhea that he can't control. I have a hard time believing that one spoonful of milk yesterday morning can cause two days of horrible poo, my poor baby!

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