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Monday, May 24, 2010

Not Tonight

It looks like everything was for not. I am not in labor...after 6 hours of contractions coming and going there is no dilation...so no baby tonight. I am very frustrated and tired. The midwife (Lynn) gave me a muscle relaxer to help me sleep. She tells me she thinks it will be in the next few days, but that means very little to me any more, since the nurse earlier today was sure it was going to be tonight. I am still having contractions, but now I am just annoyed by them since they aren't helping me to dilate. Johnny is at Grams and Pops so hopefully I can just get some really good sleep and not be so disappointed and angry with myself in the morning. I have already been through this and have been near 3 other women as they went through this and still I have no idea, my mind just goes blank! I worked everyone up from here to Chicago and there is nothing going on! We are 4 days from the due date...so soon is a relative term, we will have her "soon."

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Grams said...

We don't mind at all that we had to rush out of PA an then get a little extra time with Jack.