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Friday, May 28, 2010

40 Weeks, We Love you, but GET OUT!

5 Weeks Pregnant and I was so excited to be pregnant that I was already wearing maternity cloths!

40 Weeks and ready to be done being pregnant! (ps none of these cloth are maternity)

The last 40 weeks, the last 10 months, have been amazing and difficult. We are very lucky and blessed to have had our second completely uncomplicated pregnancy and to be headed towards a natural birth! But this pregnancy has been harder on Momma then she thought it would, I could complain and be cranky all day but I know deep in my heart I would do it all over again and a million times more to have our Lily in our arms. The love and connection between parent and child are invaluable and worth more then just a few months of morning sickness. I feel like I am getting away with something by getting her and having it have been so easy :)

Right now I can think of nothing but getting her out, but I know the moment I no longer her safe in my belly I am going to miss her, even while she is in my arms, and the day she is born we start to prepare her to leave us, from breathing on her own to eating on her own and everything that comes after. That is what being a parent is, teaching your greatest gift and most precious treasure to leave you and trust that they will have a positive effect on the world around them.

We went to our last midwife appointment yesterday! Momma is 2 cm and 50% effaced. Which just means that we are progressing, but slowely and no one can predict when she will acually make her appearance. The midwife, Jasmin, says that Lily is at least 8 pounds! We no longer can have appointments, from here anything has us going into Labor and Delivery at the hospital. We have tests set up for Friday the 4th when I will be one full week late. We have to make sure the placenta doesn't go bad, and start hurting Lily. At 2 weeks late I will no longer be able to refuse induction or if they find anything wrong next week I will have to be induced. I am no longer making predictions on when she will be born, but I have been having contractions a lot in the past week and they are getting more frequent and more intense, but they always go away and are never consistent. We are getting there, all we can do is clean, knit and wait for something to start!


Grams said...

You are beautiful Cupcake!

Jen said...

You look amazing! I love that picture! Have you tried any natural means of inducing/speeding things along?