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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Another Hair Cut

So this is a picture I took of Johnny this morning and it convinced us it was time for another hair cut (that and Johnny's constant head scratching lately.)

Daddy also needed a hair cut so we all went to the Military Barber Shop on post. Momma was very nervous about this hair cut, his hair was so pretty and long and the curls where coming back. I was so scared he was going to look like a little soldier, and the hair cut made Momma very anxious. But the barber was very good and took his time, even when Johnny's patience ran out, he wanted Johnny to look as good as possible.

He left it long in the front like I asked, which makes Johnny look a little like a teenager, but still really cute.

Here I asked Johnny to blow the dandelion for Momma, but he had already learned that took too much work, so he just pulled them off.

He is a big boy! So grown up.

We spent the day shopping and preparing for Mother's Day and Johnny stayed dry all day long! So we got him this special Dinosaur Growth chart, which he didn't understand but was very excited about it.

On May 2, 2010 my baby boy is just over three feet tall! I plan on going back and putting a couple more height markers from the past two years, he has grown so fast.


Jen said...

Where did you get the growth chart?! I love the new haircut!

Mommy Jenni said...