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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

7cm & In The Tub

So PaPa & Uncle Tommy are at the hospital. When she was ready to get in the tub they wouldn't let her because the monitors were showing Lily doing funky things. They finally figured out that she was just sucking her thumb. HaHa. Now she's in the tub and so comfortable she is joking around. She's had her two doses of antbiotics for the Strep B so that's a relief.

I told the midwife when we were there that we thought Lily would surprise us and only weigh about 5 pounds. She said that she would bet her years salary against that and that she will be at least as big as John Robert was at over 8 pounds.

I talked to Charlie and he wants me to call no matter what time. I wish I was there and I really want to be there when she is born but I know I'm where I am supposse to be. Of course she can always wait until the morning for me to be able to bring John Robert with me but that causes more problems because Ella has her Pre-K graduation tomorrow morning. Ella seems to be very needy right now too. She's been such a great big sister and big cousin up until now, you can't blame her for being a bit jealous so PaPa and I stopped at Target on the way home from the hspital earlier and got her a toy and told her she was our first and will always be special.

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