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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Mommy's Log: Star Date 6/3, 12:29

Nice dorky Star Trek title for Mommy. So we've moved out of the tub and onto the ball. Apparently the water was a little too relaxing and she had only progressed to 8cm. The ball is still better than the bed, but the contractions seem to be more frequent and tougher. She is also doing that weird shaking thing and feels like she is going to puke (dude if you're going to spew, spew into this...) with each contraction. Jasmine(the midwife) is happy to hear that because we are making the progress she wants.

We're happy to hear that Jasmine will be on duty until 8am, which means she'll deliver both of the Branson babies.

Jenn is relying on Shawn for a nice hand squeeze, but is quick to say, "hands off." She is doing great. Keep the prayers love coming.

Update at 1:15 she was still at 8cm so they broke her water, there was a lot of it and it was clear. She has a slight urge to push. They're going to get her back in the tub. Grams


Jen said...

You are doing great!

Jen said...

She WILL be born on my wedding anniversary! :-)