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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Morning at the Beach

We recently discovered that not 30 minutes from our house is a sweet little beach! At Gunpowder Falls State Park is a small lake with a perfectly swimming area with nice cool water. So we pack the kids up and headed out for the morning, Johnny loves the beach!

Though Lily wasn't getting into the water she wanted to wear her swimming gear. Including her bathing suit and cover up. And she is relaxing on the beach in her self contained baby shade maker. This thing is wonderful!

When we got the water and wasted no time, barely took off his shoes!

This was his favorite game, sea monster. He would climb on your back and point to where he wanted to go, he wanted to explore the entire lake and watch all of the ships.

Lily got a little hot, so she took her cover up off and went right back to sleep. Relaxed and soaking up the baby shade.

Daddy and Johnny came back to the blanket to play in the sand.

Then back for more sea monster play.

And now back for some yet even more sand play. He and Daddy brought buckets of water from the lake to put in this little toy that spun when water went through it.

Johnny did not stop moving for well over two hours, and then fell down to soak up some sun.

And Lily still asleep! She slept better here then she does at home!!! However she tried to stick her leg out to get a tan and had to moved around to keep her white skin white!

This was a wonderful family outing, the FOUR of us playing together and enjoying each other.


Grams said...

Memories to last a lifetime!

Karrie said...

You are such good parents! These are the things that kids will remember...time spent having fun. And good for you to be sure and keep Lily out of the sun! My kids were always the palest of the pale...Patrick still is and he's 22! I shudder to think of the damage we did to our skin back in the day...I'm glad that you are smart enough to realize how dangerous the sun can be to tender baby skin.