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Friday, June 4, 2010

Not Two Days Old and We are HOME!!!

That's right...everything went so smoothly and we are so healthy that they released us an entire day before we expected to be!
Lily has started to get a little jaundice so here we are waiting on her test results...9.8, a little high, but nothing we can't clear up with lots of feedings and just a touch of sun light.

Isn't she adorable all curled up against Mommy, she is so sweet!

Mommy knit and Grams shopped and we put together the perfect outfit for her to come home in, it has been hanging in her closet for months and I was super excited to dress her in it!

She wasn't all that excited to be disturbed and woken up to be dressed up.


AWWW so sweet!

Look at us...aren't we cute?

All safe and ready to go, she didn't mind the car seat at all.

I just love the bonnet framed face!

Daddy all set to go!

After we showed her off again to the nurses we tucked her in and headed to the car.

She fell fast asleep in the car and didn't really want to wake up when we got home.

Unpacking and getting settled into our house once again, even though we where only gone for two days :)

It is really wonderful to be home and I am very ready to get into our daily lives. Daddy will be home for the next month. Johnny will be coming home tomorrow and we will get to have lunch with Grams and Pops. The house is wonderfully clean and feels so comfy. Again I have more I want to say, but it is late and I am not sure exactly when Lily will want to eat again, sleep calls me.


rachel said...

Hey Jen Matt and I wanted to tell you how beautiful Lilly is!!!! We are SO happy for you!!!!

Jen said...

You look wonderful!! She is just too cute!

Grams said...

John Robert wants to see Lily(Wiwwy) home too.

Melissa said...

Lily Jean is absolutely beautiful! I adore the hand knits she is modeling too : )