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Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day, A Very Full Week End

Our week end was so full and fun that it went by faster then I could keep track!

Saturday we had a great surprise, Grandpa George! Shawn's family lives near Chicago IL and we don't get to see them very often, but Grandpa George is a cross country truck driver but it has been years since he had a route near us. He recently got a new job that will probably bring he round our way more often!

Grandpa George stopped by us for all of Saturday afternoon. He played with Johnny for a little while and really enjoyed listening to all of the things Johnny has to say. Then we went down to Havre De Grace, got some ice cream and took a walk to the water.

Johnny loved the water! He counted boats and talked to the ducks. It was so nice to get a little time with Grandpa George and for him to meet Lily and get some special time with Johnny.

On our way home we stopped to let Johnny see Grandpa George's "big truck." Johnny was so excited at first, until he got into the seat and thought that he was going away without Daddy or Mommy and he freaked out. He was pretty upset until he got back into the car with Mommy and then he kept saying "want big truck," as if he realized he wouldn't be taken away in the "big truck" and then wanted to see it more.

Father's day was another busy day, we wanted it to be a special day for Daddy and Papa. We started at Bob Even's for breakfast. I don't know why, but I was really taken back by Johnny coloring so sweetly while we waited for our food, he is such a big boy!

Another way Johnny was entertaining himself, removing all of the jelly packages and re stacking and organizing them.

Papa got Shawn an entire tool set so he can start fixing stuff around the house and Johnny got his own little box to keep his tools in too, so he can help Daddy.

Papa got his newest tattoo this week end, his Lily spider. We are so lucky to have our Papa!

Our special Father's Day included Johnny very first trip to see a movie in the theater, Toy Story 3. Johnny did so well for the entire movie! He sat and was quite and ate popcorn while watching the movie very carefully.

Papa loves going to movies! and he loves his grand kids! So this was a perfect trip and now we know Johnny enjoys movies too, and we knew he loves his Papa and doing anything with him.

Our week end just keeps going since Daddy is now on his extended paternity leave. Johnny hasn't been feeling very well lately, so during some running around this morning we let Johnny cash in his piggy banks, he got more then $60!!! We took half for his savings account and let him use the rest to pick out a toy himself. He choose this rock house full of stuffed dinosaurs, a very good choose and a very fun toy!

After a good nap and a little medicine Johnny was feeling a little better and it was really hot today, so Daddy filled his little pool and set his slide up with it. Johnny LOVED IT!

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A couple of lucky little kids!