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Saturday, June 26, 2010

You Can't Recover in Only Three Weeks

I keep forgetting that it has only been three weeks since Lily joined our lives. Emotionally it feels as if she has been with us forever and I am constantly taken back by how small she is and I must remind myself that she isn't even a month old yet. On that same note I was feeling so good so soon after giving birth that I forgot I had just had a baby! These past three days I had a fever of 102, chills, hot flashes, night sweats, muscles cramps, and a headache that didn't stop. I was completely miserable! Late last night Shawn wanted to take me to Patient First to be checked out, but after a little internet searching we discovered that my only problem was that I had just had a baby, my hormones where readjusting and all we needed to do was waiting it out. Today I am feeling a little better and with some more rest and water, tomorrow will be even better, but I learned a lesson...no matter how long it feels since you gave birth, three weeks is not long enough to be fully recovered!

They say an alert baby is shows signs of future intelligence, if that is true then Lily is going to be a genius! She sleeps far less then I feel like she should.

Johnny was an alert baby too, and we know he is smart! and has become so much fun to play with. Here he is showing off yet another pillow fort Daddy helped him make by gathering all of our blankets and pillows from all over the house, and yet Daddy couldn't fit.

Since today Mommy was feeling better Johnny and I went to the resident picnic that the "landlords" where throwing for our entire community! Free food, games, bouncy houses and cotton candy.

The first cotton candy we got was small, but the guy running the machine when we went back thought it was very funny to give Johnny a new one the size of his head, Johnny thought it was very funny too!

But nothing beats bouncy houses. I loved taking Johnny out just me and him, I feel like it has been a very long time since we did anything like this. I had to stop myself from crying more then once, watching him run from game to game skipping, dancing and laughing.

While Mommy and Johnny went to the picnic Daddy and Lily stayed home and Lily refused to be put down, that is what happens when you are gassy.

Oh she loves her Daddy, isn't it sweet?

Ahhhhh joint belly time, as Lily works on holding her head up, Johnny works on being gentle with Lily...again my kids are just adorable!

Just a quick note that this little jumper is another item that was once Mommy's! The people who owned the farmhouse my family was living in in Germany when I was born gave it to me. I love it, so cute! Except that there are no snaps in the crotch...cloths just where as convenient in Germany in the 80s.

Here is a sign that alert babies really do make smart kids, I love the thought process he must have had here. He wanted to turn the light off, so he climbed up on his Elmo chair, but it wasn't tall enough. I took this first picture just because I thought it was cute that he wouldn't let go of the dinosaur.

Shortly after I took the first picture I heard "can't reach, can't reach, can't reach" and he ran straight to the bathroom and got his little hand washing stool. How smart! and how far his mind went to reason what to do and what to get to accomplish his goal. He was so proud when he was done that he laughed and smiled while flipping the light on and off...a lot. Oh and he held onto the dino through the entire process.


Tara said...

So glad you're feeling better sweetie! Lily is simply precious!!

Maureen said...

Lily is a doll baby! You dress her up so sweetly. Enjoy your little precious baby girl! Congratulations to both you and Shawn. Miss seeing you and the children