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Thursday, June 3, 2010

In Heaven

Life has truely changed and will never be the same again.
Mommy here, Hi all! I can't believe that just this time yesterday I was sure I was going to be pregnant forever and saw no foressable end or labor. It is all kind of a blur and even though it was 12 hours, I feel like it was 2! I can't believe we needed to drug help! The labor tub was amazying and helped more then I can explain. I stepped into the tub during a contraction and as I was sitting down in the water I felt 10 times better! The entire time I was waiting for labor to get worse, for everything to get worse. My contrations left felt like full belly pain, only cramps....even though very painful cramps, they never spread anywhere else and almost never registered on the monitor. We love our midwife who has delieved both Johnny and Lily, Jasmin was amazing! The entire experience was amazying! I feel uplifted and ready to take on the world. Having had no drugs I already feel 10xs better then I did while pregnant and ready to take on the world.

So far today has been a very slow day. Lily has been sleeping almost constantly and breastfeeding is going pretty well. She has a little mouth so getting a latch that doesn't hurt too much is our struggle right now. But she seems to know just was she is doing. Johnny brought his Grams and Pops to the hospital this morning to meet his new little sister! Though he was a little wound up he seemed to take right to her. When we asked her where Lily was he could point to her and he hugged her and even asked to hold her and kiss her. He is such a sweet boy and still with everything going on I miss him. We will have lots more pictures later, we have been leaning on every one elses cameras.

So far she doesn't seem to care for swaddling and is always wiggling free of the wraps, she prefers to be as free as possible. I have many more things I want to write but I must try to feed the Cupcake. I will blog again in a little while and share more pictures. Thank you to everyone for your kind words and encouragement, we feel your love and prayers.


Jen said...

You amaze me! Love the brother & sister shirts! You did a wonderful job!

Maureen said...

Jen and Shawn:

CONGRATULATIONS! Lily is absolutely beautiful and Johnny is such a good big brother. Best to you and your adorable family.