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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Beautiful Soul

Our Lily girl is four days old, and our lives are all adjusting to her beautiful little soul. She has the sweetest little heart and I can't seem to ever put her down or not be cuddling into her sweet little nose.
Mommy is not the only one smitten with out little Cupcake, her Daddy and big brother can't keep away from her either. Here Johnny is making Daddy give Lily kisses.

Even though breastfeeding has been taking a lot out of Momma, and been harder then I imagined, the cuddles and the sweet happy baby after feedings are something I treasure.

Saturday everyone came over for lunch and to visit with Lily. It was wonderful to have everyone over and just passing Lily around. This is always how I pictured my mom, surrounded by her Grand kids.

Ella loved holding Lily and would keep holding her, but she did get nervous if some one else wasn't helping...oh and by the way our biggest girl lost her first tooth this week end!

Papa is always loven on his grand kids and the more of them that their are the happier Papa is. Here Samantha meets little Lily and we all realize how old and big she is, and she realizes that Lily's pacifier is yummy like her.

Uncle Tommy is a constant blessing, once again he was in our delivery room taking pictures and being meeting his new niece. I hope Lily and Johnny will both always know how much he loves them.
Grams and Pops have been coming by everyday to check in on us and offer some help and to spend some time with the kids. Lily is still jaundice and sun light is a great help for that, and Johnny still needs lots of practice with peddling on his bike, so Grams and Pops took the kids on a walk.

We are happy and lucky to have Daddy home for some paternity leave. The Army gives 10 days from the baby's birthday and then Shawn took a little extra to make sure we are all settled in. He had been more then helpful around the house, doing laundry and picking up, not to mention playing with Johnny and taking care of Lily. I feel so lucky, he is always right there!

Johnny makes sure to take care of his little sister, every time he has a snack or a drink he asks to share with Lily. He is ALWAYS bringing her her blankets and binkies and sharing his toys, especially his dinosaurs!

This is just the most adorable this ever! Shawn calls it a horseifier. I found it on line and just thought it was cute...it is a soothie pacifier attached to this little stuffed horse, so Lily just closes her arms around it and...well it doesn't get much cuter!

Johnny really is attached to Lily girl and wants her to play with him and he wants to be apart of everything she does, I just really love this picture. He was so gentle and sweet and and showed us all that he has a beautiful generous soul too and is enjoying this new addition to our home and family. He is the most amazing little boy and having Lily, starting over again, makes me love him 100 xs more, even though you think your heart is full with love and joy, there is always more room for loving these two!


Jan said...

I wish all families felt as much love as yours does. The world would be a much better place. And we do know the foundation of that love. May God continue to bless!

Grams said...

WE are the lucky ones!