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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

All Night!

Just a quick extra post today. Lily slept ALL NIGHT! She went to bed at 7 pm without fussing at all and we did not need to go into her room until 6 am! (6 am was when Shawn came home from work and I woke up in a panic)

The past week was so chaotic, though wonderful, and Lily has been exhausted. Lets hope we can keep the momentum up and Mommy can keep getting the solid 8 hours she got last night, I feel great! I haven't sletp like that in a year!

Yesterday we pulled out Lily new tea set (thanks Grandma Sharon) and Johnny, Boris and Morris joined her for a tea party, though Johnny insisted it was coffee.

So happy!

One of Lily's new Christmas outfits. I can't help myself! Someone joked that Lily is Mommy's most expensive toy ever :) I love dressing her up!!!

Lily has decided to grow up! She hates to be in her swing for more then a few minutes, she also doesn't want to sit for long. She throws her self to the floor and starts to roll and scoot everywhere. She has always been a "wiggler" but now she is starting to get into everything and everything goes into her mouth!

One last fun thing...baby cupcake KNEE SOCKS!

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Grams said...

She is one of MY favorite toys too.