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Monday, December 13, 2010

Johnny Decorating "Cookies"

Alright so it is December and I LOVE Christmas and taking pictures, so here is yet another Christmas post.
One of my favorite holiday traditions is decorating cookies, but no one needs cookies in our house and it is extra messy, so this year I found this great kit. A foam gingerbread man and stickers! Johnny had a blast.

We let him decide where to put the items and he knew right where to put the eyes and mouth and everything else. He just kept wanting to move the stickers around once they where on.

He even got to use real glue and was such a big boy!

Lily snacked on some puffs and fussed (I think she is getting a tooth, yeah) until the camera came out and then so did the smiles!

Another tradition I love is decorating gingerbread houses, but no one wants to eat those houses and they always end up as a waist of food, so I found yet another foam kit! Complete with stickers for easy toddler use.

He got very serious about making sure things where on straight and right where he wanted them.

Look how straight and pretty! He knew exactly how he wanted it to look and would have moved the stickers around for hours if I let him.

What a happy Christmas boy. Another tradition my family always had was a "Christmas outfit" something new and special to wear to make Christmas even more special and make sure we all looked nice. This year I got Johnny and Lily matching shirts with their initial on it looking like a reindeer (since Johnny loves reindeer.) Here is Johnny in his "J" showing off his crafts. We also will be getting special new Christmas jammies, just like Mommy got when she was a kid.

SO EXCITED to hang his gingerbread boy on the front door for all of our friends to see!

Look at that house, I really love the way it came out, what a perfect holiday activity.

And because we all can use a picture of a happy baby clinging to her Daddy's head, here ya go.

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Natalie said...

just me or is Johnny looking more and more like Thomas' kid pictures??