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Monday, December 20, 2010

Winter Wonderland

Saturday we took Johnny and his cousin Ella to Pennsylvania to Dutch Wonderland to celebrate Winter Wonderland! An amusement park that would usually be closed for the season if covered in lights and with a Christmas theme opens in the evenings for special holiday fun.

Santa was there for the kids to see before we went into the park, he was very sweet and let the kids sit with him for a while just talking. He asked about helping Mommy and decorating trees then he asked for 2 chocolate chip cookies.

Ella was very excited to get started! We went right when the park first opened, so there where not many people and short lines!

Ella is such a good big cousin, always making sure Johnny was buckled in and having fun and asking what she can do to help.

The ride went around slowly and then real fast around the corners. Johnny got the idea and would giggle during the slow areas and the get tense and laugh out loud when it went fast.

Dutch Wonderland has a Princess, Knight and Dragon theme, so the Princess and Knight where walking around together for the kids to talk to and take pictures with. Johnny was very interested in the Knight's shield and sword, since he has some of his own at home.

Ella is a Princess! And has been for as long as I can remember. So she loved meeting this princess too. She also loved that the girls bathrooms had princesses on them and boys bathrooms had knights.

This was everyone's favorite ride. Only one adult could go on, so I did not, but you can pick Shawn our easily with Johnny and Ella on either side. The Froggy ride went up then down quickly then up to another height then down again. They did this one three times!

I was surprised that Johnny didn't want to go see the dragon, as cute as he was, I can still understand, there was no visible person.

Then the kids got to build igloos and towers out of "ice cubes"

Johnny got he hang out of it and stacked them as tall as he could reach, Ella was right there helping him and making sure he didn't stack too high.

Then the super slide, another favorite of the kids, though Shawn and I where too big we still went down with them.

Ella was our map girl, sitting down to make sure we where going to right way and getting to do all the rides we wanted.

Johnny was more interested in the reindeer that brought Santa to Pennsylvanian. They where huge with even bigger antlers. Johnny was concerned about the rest of Santa's reindeer, that they might be lost.

And then we wasted $5 trying to win a gigantic Bumble....grrrr.

Time for a snack and some hot chocolate. A snowman shaped pretzel! Goofy girl pretending to take a bite.

Once is was really dark we took the train ride around the entire park to see all of the lights. It started to get really cold so it was nice to cuddle up and just look at all of the beautiful lights.

This was Ella's favorite! She loves Santa Mouse, which was Aunt Nenni's favorite book too!

To finish our trip the kids decorated gingerbread men at a sprinkle buffet.....

...so basically they both just had piles of sprinkles on cookies that no one ate, they just hand hand fulls of sprinkles.

It was a wonderful trip and I am excited to make it a tradition and to try out the park during the summer to try some of the rides that where not operating becuase of the cold.

We had plans to take Lily with us, but last minute decided she would just be cold. So Lily got to spend a great day with Grams and Pops! Thanks guys!!!

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Grams said...

I love that they can do things together! A great tradition to start. Next year Sami can go along and then Lily. The best is yet to come