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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Lily is a 6 Month Well Baby

It is official, Lily Jean Branson is PERFECT! We headed in to the pediatrician this morning to have Lily's 6 month well baby exam.

Lily Bean is
16 pounds 9 ounces which is 53 percentile
25.75 inches which is 39 percentile
and her head is 17.13 inches which is 73 percentile

Her height percentile had bounced around, but the Dr said that is common, it is hard to accurately measure a baby so they use the weight for most everything. I have having a hard time adjusting to having a normal sized baby. Johnny was always at the top of all the charts and always so big that when we went in this morning I was very concerned that Lily had not grown enough, she feels very small in my arms.

Lily also got 4 shots
Pediarix which is for Polio, Tetanus, Pertussis, and Hep B
HIB which is Hemophilus inflenza
Prevnar which is Pneumococcal vaccine
and her first Fluzone, she has to get a second flu shot next month

He handled the shots great, but has been fussy and tired this afternoon.

I talked to the Dr about car seats and she said that Lily can contiune to be in her carrier carseat until she is 22 pounds, however she can go into the convertible carseat any time we would like. Grandma Sharon got her a perfect pink Graco carseat that is good rear facing from 5 to 30 pounds and for forward facing up to 40 pounds. Lily is not a big fan of the carrier and always fights us when he put her in it. Once Lily is more stable sitting unsupported we will move her to the new carseat.

Lily's daily schedule is still pretty solid, she still wakes up once in the middle of the night to eat, her pediatrician says we have to start weaning her off of that. I am so happy! :) I miss sleeping from night till morning.

Lily also needs to start feeding herself more, she does well with baby puffs and Mumm Mumm rice crackers, but it is time to start giving her more. The insides of baked potatoes, really soft green beans and cut up bananas. The next 6 months should be about moving her from the liquid formula diet to eating only solids. Lily is growing up! We can try the sweet potatoes again, the Dr was certain that that the diarrhea was because of the high fiber in sweet potatoes not because of any allergy reaction.

Everything is so wonderful, all in all Lily is amazing and perfect and we are again so lucky!

This is kind of fitting as my 500th blog post! REALLY

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