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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Parade

Today we headed into Main Street Bel Air to meet up with Grams, Pops, Uncle Tommy, Aunt Natalie, Ella and Sammi to watch the Christmas Parade and tree lighting.

Johnny wasn't sure why we where there, all he wanted was to see his "friends" so when he started to see reindeer and bands come walking down the street he got very excited.

It was very very cold and windy!

Ella had been clinging to a candy cane that one of the floats had thrown so she could give it to Johnny. The look on Daddy's face was because Johnny was bouncing up and down on his shoulders, Johnny was just so happy.

Lily is always happy and probably the warmest of us all! Three layers of cloths and the blanket, she stayed toasty in her carrier the entire time.

Johnny showing Grams his candy cane.

It was a small parade but frosty still made his appearance and that was enough. I wish I had taken a video, Johnny was jumping up and down the entire time!

After the parade we took the short walk to where the tree lighting would be, there was a large bonfire (which made me more nervous then was necessary) and free cookies and hot coco.

It was Johnny's first hot coco!

Ella enjoying her cookie.

Samantha enjoyed hers too.

I love these little family pictures!

We didn't stick around because it was very cold and very windy and the tree lighting wasn't going to happen until it went dark and got colder. But on our way out we ran into Santa and Miss Clauses who where stopping by to say hi.

The entire family went over to Uncle Tommy's house to have pizza and watch a Christmas movie, as soon as we waled in Johnny pulled out the toys and stated playing music for us all.

But Lily decided once she was freed from her warm cloths and the carrier that she needed to taste her toes and make sure they where still yummy.

Ella joined in on the music as well.

While everyone had pizza, Lily enjoyed her Mumm Mumm. Look at those cheeks! She can devour one of those all on her own!

Rudolf was the movie of choice. Ella loves to cuddle and Uncle Shawn was the one laying on the couch.

She just can't keep her toes out of her mouth!

It was a wonderful start to our Christmas season!

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Grams said...

You got some great pictures. These kids are getting too old!